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TRIPLE J INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES (TJIS) has a Strategic Plan which is a guide for daily operationalization of TJIS activities for the next five years commencing from 2017 to 2022. The purpose of this profile is to put into perspective the overall activities which IMS do in its daily routine and the achievement of the same which also contributes to achievement of its Vision and Goal in its course to fulfill its mission.

It is habitually envisaged that through this profile, TJIS customers will read and understand the role we play within its area of coverage. TJIS have a significant number of years of experience in the video shooting and production as can be seen below in the list of activities being undertaken by the company.
Organizational Structure
An Institute that is highly regarded for its academic Excellency and for its contribution in actively serving and improving the community in which it operates

TJIS mission is to  prepare people (students) to be responsible citizens, good workers  who will contribute to the reduction of poverty of their respective countries.

Management by team Work
Respect for one another
Quality consciousness

i. To provide high quality, innovative and responsive lifelong education and training that equip students with the skills necessary to sustain individual career success within a global economy.  
ii. To prepare our students for successful transfer, competitive employment, professional and personal growth.
iii. To become one of the leading institution in Tanzania and east Africa at large.
The main activity of TJIS is to provide teaching (training) to clients in tailor made programs in different professions, certificate and diploma programs.
However, among other consultancy activities that the institute has provided within its shortest time of its existence albeit not the list are:-

  • The documentation of Best practices and Success Stories of the Pastoralists Basket fund Programme (PBFP) implemented by CARE International through its implementing partners   at the grass root. The exercise was carried out in five regions of Tanzania namely Arusha, Coast region, Iringa, Mwanza and Mara. The exercise was highly participatory to make every stakeholder involved in identifying and documenting best practices and giving testimonies of the impact of the projects implemented. Individual pastoralists, agro-pastoralists as well as crop cultivators and CSO’s projects implementing partners of the PBFP in the intervention areas were involved. The tools used were Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and other relevant PRA techniques at the field using a checklist developed by the consultant.  The exercise was strengthened through pictures both still photographs and video and other necessary documents where I was particularly really concerned.

  • Documentation of best practices and success stories for "Education Quality Improvement programme through pedagogy" implemented by OXFAM in Shinyanga municipality and rural Districts.

  • The Outcomes of this exercise were
  1. Stakeholders at the project area broadly understood the status of the EQUIP programme in terms of achievements and challenges.
  2. Key actors in education and decision makers became aware of how the EQUIP has developed teachers and other stakeholders within the programme.
  3. Stakeholders at different levels in the programme area and beyond became aware of the importance of collaboration and networking on improving the quality of education and find ways to sustain it.
  4. Oxfam GB staff and partners at local, National and global have broad understanding of the EQUIP programme successes, and have found then ways of strengthening advocacy work and scale up.

  • Trained Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI) staff on Project planning and Project  proposal writing

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