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Donation and Support
Make A Donation To Support The Disadvantaged Students

From 2013, the founders of TRIPLE J INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES, decided to set aside some few resources from their personal savings to be used for sponsoring some of the students who due to financial difficulties fails to continue with their studies at TJIS.  We appreciate for the donation from GOOD SAMARITANS who have supported some students either in part or full, to complete their studies or who are in ongoing programs here at TJIS.   TJIS still welcomes other sponsors to support students with same problem in paying college fees and other dues at the college.  Your donation today will help TJIS serve the poor and underprivileged bright children in our community who fails to either do tertiary education studies because their families cannot be able to pay fees for the same.  Every support or gift, regardless of its amount or size, is appreciated and makes a difference.

TJIS would like to give appreciation to individuals who have devoted resources to support us in this initiative to support these students. Thanks to LINDA JIM  from the United states and Jennifer Mansfield  from Australia

Sponsorship Costs
TJIS is requesting for anyone around the world, who would wish to sponsor one or more students at our college who falls in the same financial difficulties. Below are the cots for the same.
Vocational Training courses/ US $ 970 per year for tuition fee, accommodation and meals.
Students who fail to join advanced level of secondary education or tertiary education, can qualify to join vocational schools grade 1-3 years in duration.
Courses offered at TJIS recognized by VETA is Information Communication Technology (ICT), Graphics and Designing, Secretarial, Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship, driving, Tourism and Marketing, Business operations, Sales and Marketing, Video shooting and Production, Book keeping and Tour guide.
Professional Training courses / US$ 1150 per year
Professional Training for tertiary education is a 1 or 2-year program. One year for National technical Award level four (NTA level 4),  and Two for National technical Award  level Six (NTA level 6). Programs recognized by regulatory body offered at IMS are Community Development (CD), Journalism and Broadcasting (JB) and Early childhood development Education (ECDE).
For more information, you can contact TJIS Managing Director, if you would like to support either one or more of our students with the same challenge.
call +255 755 476 034, 0655 476034, 0754 035602.
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