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Student's Testimonials

I am Debora Lemubi. a student at the TRIPLE J INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES (TJIS) formally called the INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND SOCIAL STUDIES (IMS), pursuing a certificate in Journalism and Broadcasting, a National Technical Award level four (NTA level 4). I was born in a family where I was not privileged to pursue secondary education under normal system because of financial limitation. I had to do qualifying tests (QT), as an alternative to qualify for an award of a secondary education.  Later on, i thank God, I got connection with IMS College and got privileged to pursue certificate in Journalism through its sponsorship program. I am determined and committed to ensure I study hard to pass all the modules taught, to enable me fetch employment easily after completing my studies. I am passionate about dedicating my life’s work to others, especially helping to increase the quality of life of those around me. One of my dreams is to travel to and help the Tanzanians, starting with the community where I am originated. My involvement with other youth programs in the community, gives me more eager, passion and commitment to helping others. I am sure through this support I get at TJIS, will not benefit me alone, but the rest of the community members wherever I will be working after completing my Diploma studies. Long live TJIS.
My name is Jesca Gladson,  I am an Orphan, I have completed a Diploma in community Development (DCD) at TRIPLE J INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES, formally called INSTITUTE OF MEDIA AND SOCIAL STUDIES (IMS) in 2015. I am one of the beneficiaries of TJIS sponsorship fund.  TJIS became a helping hand in my first year, first semester of diploma studies when my relatives ceased to pay for my tuition fees for reasons best known to themselves.  I had no one to relay on. At that moment I was totally confused, lost hope, desperate and hopeless.  I shared my painful story with the Principal, who eventually did his best, to ensure I continue with my studies by including me in the list of students being sponsored just to bring hope to a hopeless person. I really appreciate TJIS support. I am now holding a Diploma certificate. Now I am working on my dreams aspiring to join higher learning institution (to pursue a degree), however, the challenge remains to be financial constraints of which I still request from individuals or organization to support me realize my future dream. Honestly I can’t find suitable words to express my thanks to the management of TJIS for the support they provided to me. I know the seed they planted will grow to a huge tree that others can find shadow to rest in future.
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